Practice. I practice commercial, corporate, real estate, lending and general transactional law in New Orleans, Louisiana. You'll find a description of the legal services I provide on the next page. And here's a brief autobiography.

Experience. I received the gift of an excellent education and have practiced in my area for upward of 37 years. One “practices” law, meaning one’s journey to absolute proficiency lasts a lifetime. But my representation of clients brings with it the lessons and skills I have derived from over the years. Having practiced continuously - in a big firm, a small firm and as a solo practitioner - and having worked on lots of deals, I think I'm gaining on proficiency.

Home. I grew up with deep roots in New Orleans and proudly possess the parochial outlook that many New Orleanians have. How could anyone live anyplace else? New Orleanians value family and the one I have is my greatest blessing. Katie and our three children keep me grounded and in good spirits. Katie is an accomplished artist and we watch our children with great pride as they begin to stake out their careers in New Orleans.

Profession. “It’s the 99% of lawyers who give the rest a bad name,” says my flippant son. I try hard to be one of “the rest” by maintaining the highest standard of proficiency, professionalism and service I can. It takes hard work and things immediately go awry if you ever get the notion that it doesn’t.

Lawyer-Client Economics. The economics of a law practice have changed since I started in 1980. A lawyer practicing in my area used to need lots of books, paper, assistance and expensive machinery. The computer revolution changed that: I can now do any transaction with a computer and a mobile phone, at a fraction of the overhead. I try to pass my overhead savings to my clients.